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And for this, we move on just where the road becomes rocky and arduous. With “The Way Beyond” – our model for responsible tourism. And the clear focus on product development and its integrated management. This is how “The Way Beyond” unfolds its full strength where other projects already came to an end.

The Way Beyond. Based on our experience and proved many times. And yet always in the process of further improvement. Because sustainability in tourism is worth every effort!

The milestones

1. Scouting

At the beginning of the project it is worth involving regional experts for a closer look. For the best possible enhancement of local strengths and the valorization of already existing resources. And for choosing the appropriate product design. This way, our scouting forms a solid basis for the success of projects in responsible tourism.

2. Development

Here our model can develop its full strength with our passion and core competence in product development. All the way to the concrete bookability and corresponding development of sustainable organization and business models to ensure the foundations for a long-term success of our projects.

3. Management

Where other projects terminate, “The Way Beyond” enters a new phase of life! Step 3 “Management” focuses on the long-term responsible management of the products we design. With the tools of the Trail Angels & based on sustainable business models. The management of the products is carried out by the Trail Angels themselves – on behalf of the project owners by a license agreement. Or by a joint interim management and subsequent mandate solution, where the management is carried out independently by the project management organization.


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