“Considering the end in everything you do, that is sustainability”
(E. Schweitzer)

That is why we, the Trail Angels, go more than just one step further. Because all of our projects focus on the implementation of long-term, regionally owned and responsible tourism products. Inspired by our quest for concrete implementation, we have developed “The Way Beyond”, our unique model for responsible tourism, over the years – and have already successfully applied it many times.

With “The Way Beyond” we combine three essential and closely related work steps into a responsible whole: (1) Design (2) Market (3) Manage. This unique and holistic approach, with its clear focus on long-term regional effectiveness, can succeed in bringing responsible tourism products to full bloom. And usually even then, when other projects have long withered.

A new path that requires new suitable tools, which we have developed with our own experience, expertise and innovation. Our tools for responsible tourism – created and powered by Trail Angels.

The definition of responsible tourism: Whether professionally founded (see Definition UNWTO) or emotionally explained (see the quote from E. Schweitzer), the future tourism must be responsible and therfore sustainable!

Our model
“The Way Beyond”


Our tools

For the implementation and effectiveness of responsible tourism products, new trails require new tools. From the design for a local trail info & booking center, over the Trail Angels Academy, for building local capacity, and Fair Trails® for implementing transformative tourism in developing & emerging countries, to the unique online trail info & booking portal Bookyourtrail®. Tools that allow us to go further.

Responsible tourism definition.
According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) tourism is sustainable when its present and future economic, social and environmental impacts are fully considered and the needs of visitors, the tourism industry, the environment and local people are integrated. We, the Trail Angels, as ambassadors and creators of responsible and therefore sustainable tourism, fully identify with this responsible tourism definition. However, we perceive a big gap between announcement and concrete implementation, especially in sustainable tourism. But especially in sustainable tourism, a big gap between announcement and concrete implementation is perceptible. To reduce or close this gap, we have developed the model “The Way Beyond”. It clearly focuses on implementation and on the regional effectiveness of responsible and therefore sustainable tourism products. Responsible Tourism Definition.

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