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Managed by the Trail Angels Info & Booking Center since 2020


Further development of the existing stage circular trail into an individually bookable product; establishment of a Trail Info & Booking Center.

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Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH
The Wörthersee Rundwanderweg is a circular trail in stages that rounds the largest lake in Carinthia, Lake Wörthersee, in four daily stages. The circular hiking trail was developed by the regional destination management, Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, with the aim of positioning the destination also as a hiking region. The Wörthersee circular hiking trail plays the role of the regional flagship product, charged with several seasonally staggered hiking events. As a result, the Trail Angels were commissioned by Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH to further develop the existing circular hiking trail: In the form of an individual, serviced bookability, additionally with dynamic packaging and with the establishment of a Trail Info & Booking Center in the premises of the Trail Angels in Obervellach. For a clearer positioning of the circular hiking trail, the storyboard was also revised and prepared in the form of the claim “Hiking in the Light of the South” for the marketing of the tourism region. During product development, efforts were and are being made to use dynamic packaging to link the circular hiking trail more closely with the regional positioning as a “lifestyle highlight in the south of Austria”.
Eye-catcher: The observation tower Pyramidenkogel offers a magnificent view of Lake Wörthersee and the entire route of the Wörthersee circular hiking trail
The calm aspects of Lake Wörthersee: Hiking in the southern sunlight on the Wörthersee Rundwanderweg
Magic Games of the Light of the South: wonderful nature and relaxed stages at the Wörthersee Circular route promise Quality Time
More than just a symbolic photo: The Wörthersee circular hiking trail combines an eventful long-distance hike always in close contact with Carinthia’s largest bathing lake
Everything is possible: If you prefer to hike from one location rather than from one stage to another, you can take the boat back to your accommodation!
Deep blue swimming ponds are placed like hidden jewels around the turquoise Lake Wörthersee, inviting you to jump right into the cool water: Spintik Teiche (Stage 3)
See.Ess.Spiele at Lake Wörthersee: This hiking comfort package offers you the culinary delights of Lake Wörthersee in selected restaurants directly by the lakeside!
Would you mind a little chic? The famous Schlosshotel Velden also welcomes hikers to the Wörthersee Rundwanderweg!

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