Info- & Booking Center for products in responsible tourism
more than just a Travel Agency
Successful products in responsible tourism require an efficient Information & Booking Center. One that is much more than just a Travel Agency.

Efficient Management Model


Consistently well-proven in practice


Operated by the Trail Angels


High client satisfaction proven on Trustpilot

Quick Facts

This is what the Info & Booking Center can do
Expert in the field of responsible tourism and related products
Fair partner for the regional Service Providers of the respective product/trail
+ A competent service point for customers
+ Skilled in handling the modern tools of Request & Booking Management
+ Professional reselling partner for selected, leading specialized Tour Operators

To put it in short, a Product Management Organization for responsible tourism products.
The Trail Angels have developed and built a powerful and highly unique prototype for this purpose. Tried and tested for years, awarded several times and appreciated by our guests and rated with top marks. Today the Trail Angels Information & Booking Center manages xy trails, & xy further products in xy countries for our project partners. With excellent customer feedback on the certified evaluation platform of Trustpilot®.

Moreover, the Trail Angels support project partners in setting up their own Information & Booking Centers for responsible tourism. The use of the tools Bookyourtrail® and Trail Manager (licence model) and the Trail Angels Academy (qualification and quality management) provides project partners with new perspectives for a sustainable and independent management of products in responsible tourism.

Best of the Best

Out of the many great tourism products that we have developed and managed together with our project partners so far, some still stand out! That is why we have set up a special hall of fame for these beacons of responsible tourism.
Also as an inspiration for all those who want to follow this path in the future!

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