Trail Angels Spirit
A soft tool with a strong core.
Certainly, product development is not so much a physical tool, but – when applied successfully – a combination of passion, experience, creativity and talent.

Our core competence


Soft skills: passion, experience, creativity, talent


Hard skills: Product integration up to the status "Ready for Booking"

Quick Facts

This is our Spirit
„Soft Skills“, which we quite deliberately put here in the series of our more technical and craft tools, because the product development is the core of what we do. In fact, it is our mantra that has taken up an unshakeable place in the Trail Angels’ strategy and set of values. Because without the process of product development, no project in tourism – especially if it is to be sustainable – makes sense. No infrastructure, no event and no advertising campaign can replace a carefully designed product, but only complement it reasonably. This is an understanding that is not widely spread in tourism and for which we work commitedly to get the message across.

We are taking our own path for this – „The Way Beyond“. By immersing ourselves in the big questions of a destination. Profoundly, always appreciating the knowledge and advice of local experts. For the enhancement of what is available. Conserving resources and avoiding excessive staging.

Exposing the mysticism and treasures of the landscape, its history, nature, culture and of course its people, carefully, layer by layer. With one eye on the bigger picture, the more spectacular, to appreciate with the other eye also the hidden parts with their small, silent sensations.

All of the above is documented in a central story board, which serves as a guide and a reference point for all subsequent project steps. It also helps our project partners to reflect. After all, if they feel comfortable with their mirror image, the involvement and acceptance of the project will be as broad as intensive. And at the end of the day, they will address precisely the kind of guests they deserve.

„The strong core: “Access & Convenience”

This is product development in our understanding. But what is hidden behind the “hard core”? In the end, product development is only successful if it is able to transform the creative stories into concrete, bookable products. However, to enable travellers to immerse themselves in these stories, they need easy access to the product and individual services (“convenience”). If implemented consistently, this is one of the tougher challenges that is often neglected or even forgotten. This is why we attach so much importance to this very step, which we call “product integration”. Here we continue to persist until every product has reached the status “Ready for Booking”. Integrated in our own Online Trail Booking & Management System* Bookyourtrail® or in other destination booking systems

Best of the Best

Out of the many great tourism products that we have developed and managed together with our project partners so far, some still stand out! That is why we have set up a special hall of fame for these beacons of responsible tourism.
Also as an inspiration for all those who want to follow this path in the future!

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