Together on the rope
Let’s compare our approach to mountain climbing: Climbing a difficult summit is almost always a team effort. Whoever attempts to climb it solo is either daring or a gambler, and sooner or later risks failing. We are definitely not gamblers and know exactly when we need the help of others. For example, in order to be able to successfully realize large, often transnational and interdisciplinary projects we join forces with partners to form a network in which everyone can contribute their unique skills, with mutual trust. This enables us to meet even the most extraordinary of challenges. With these partners we feel particularly comfortable in a Rope Team:



Brand development & Marketing

Sustainable tourism needs sustainable marketing. Company founder Johannes Terler and David Osebik definitely have some practical experience. One of them has many years of agency experience in Western Austria, the other one was managing director of the Gesäuse region in his primary profession, which has set new standards in European tourism marketing in recent years.

Since 2020, the two have combined their marketing forces in both the Gesaeuse Tourist Board and PILUM digital GmbH and are proving their communication skills in practice every day. Together with the Trail Angels, responsible tourism products such as the Luchs Trail have been successfully developed and established on the market.

Sustainable Business Venture Catalysation
Our business partner in developing countries When Peter Scheuch founded Ennovent in 2008, his vision was to support innovative business ventures for sustainability in developing countries. Today Ennovent is an internationally recognised business venture catalyst for low-income markets that has managed venture projects across four continents.
It’s no coincidence that the paths of Ennovent and the Trail Angels inevitably crossed in 2017. Today we are working together on “Fair Trails”, a beacon for sustainable tourism in the Himalayas and other regions in Asia. Ennovent is a virtual company with team members spread across Austria, India and Nepal.
Product development & international networks
Our networker for responsible travel
There’s not one picture where Raj doesn’t have a glowing, smiling face! Is it staged? Definitely not, because optimism, curiosity and open-mindedness are among Raj’s life principles. He lives and works in Kathmandu, is married to an Austrian woman from Tyrol and thus combines the best of both worlds:
The enthusiasm and creativity of Nepal and the professional strategic thinking of Central Europe. Today, Raj is one of THE leading thinkers for the development of responsible, ethical tourism worldwide: he runs two travel companies (in Nepal and Norway), is a member of the most important travel Think Tanks (e.g. the Transformational Travel Council) and partners now the Trail Angels on new, untrodden paths. He always remains uncomplicated, wonderfully straightforward and a never-ending source of inspiration.
Conservation areas and Ecology
Integrative is the magic word.
Klaus Michor, the founder of Revital IB, bonds a long friendship especially with Trail Angel Günter. This friendship is surely based on common values, and the challenge of bringing tourism and nature in harmony.
For more than 30 years, Klaus and his partner Maria have been running their office for integrative natural space planning, which has developed into one of the largest and most renowned in Austria with more than 40 employees. The Revital team is characterized by a consistently integrative way of operating, which ideally complements the Trail Angels, especially in the field of protected area tourism and ecological sustainability. Projects such as the Alpe-Adria-Trail or the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail are impressive testimonies of this cooperation.
European regional development projects
Women’s power from Ljubljana
The Trail Angels got to know and appreciate the ISKRIVA team during their work for the “Hall of Fame” project “Amazon of Europe Bike Trail”. The ladies of ISKRIVA (and of course the one male team member) have been outstanding in diplomacy, consistency, professional capacity and attention to detail as lead partner of this major transnational project.
All of these qualities are needed to successfully plan, submit and push forward major EU projects. Particularly in the field of regional development based on the needs of various stakeholders, resulting in field impact and business opportunities, funded through EU projects, ISKRIVA, whose headquarter is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has earned an outstanding reputation that reaches far beyond Slovenia’s borders. Thus, ISKRIVA and Trail Angels are ideally qualified to combine their competences for sustainable tourism projects on the European level.

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