Travel with impact for change

Impact Trekking

This is much more than trekking! This is how we try to live up to our responsibility for sustainability and climate protection:

1. Trail Angels project

4% of the booking turnover of each Impact Trekking tour is used for the respective selected project of the trip. For example, regional projects for the protection of species, social inclusion and the preservation of cultural heritage are supported. Like for example for the protection of the snow leopard in the Annapurna Himalaya.

2. Social inclusion

Travel with respect and at eye level! We work exclusively with carefully selected local agencies and service partners. We strengthen the structures in our mostly underdeveloped travel destinations with fair payment, optimal insurance coverage of the crews and inclusion of disadvantaged population groups.

3. Climate neutrality

All trips of the program “Impact Trekking” balance climate neutral! This means that on the one hand the program is designed sustainably and the produced greenhouse gases are compensated. Either through local projects (like in Ladakh) or according to the “Gold Standard” via the global platform Atmosfair®.


Reasons for and against long distance travel

We Trail Angels are designers and ambassadors for sustainable tourism. Therefore, we have long weighed whether we should still offer trekking trips in distant countries at all in the age of the global climate crisis, for which the airplane is indispensable. Well then, we have decided to do so. To a very limited extent. Especially to show our vision for responsible long-distance travel of the future and to further support the selected grandiose projects in the destinations and thus to make it possible for you to experience them.

Much more than trekking!

If we want to sensitize you to global challenges already during your most precious time of the year, then it goes without saying that this trip represents something quite extraordinary and opens up an experience for a lifetime. All our trips in the program “Impact Trekking” are characterized by:

1. Each trip is planned with great care and lots of local expertise along a fascinating story.

2. Each trip is accompanied by an unbeatable trio: an outstanding local project expert, a German-speaking trail angel and an experienced local guide.

3. Every Impact trekking trip lets you dive deep into the myths of the destination and even participate in them.

4. And we try to live up to our vision of using travel to increase mutual understanding and make the world more sustainable through our “Impact Program”.



We could inspire you with our program “Impact Trekking”? But you still have questions? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at the Trail Angels Info and Booking Center! Our competent and helpful angels in the booking center will assist you with words and deeds in planning your “Lifetime Experience”.