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The Trail Angels
“The best times in life are those little moments when you feel you’re in the right place at the right time, with the right people.” This is how the inspiring journey of the Trail Angels began in 2015. Off the beaten track with a genuine sense of individuality in a sea of conformity. And a never-ending enthusiasm for a different, responsible tourism. Diversely experienced, always curious, tactfully unconventional, skillfully innovative and above all consistently team-oriented. „Smells like Team Spirit“
This is us, the Trail Angels.
Mag. Günter Mussnig
Product development, CEO


The Trail Guru
The certified geographer is naturally not native to the city. It’s just not his habitat. The mountains and trekking in pristine nature make him feel much more at ease. He is therefore enthusiastic about the vision that man and nature can be reconciled after all. With the help of responsible and sustainable tourism, for example.
A majority of his career was dedicated to working for the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest national park in the Alps. Firstly, through the management of the protected area and then as the Managing Director for tourism in the region. Then he co-founded Trail Angels, together with his brother Werner and Nathalie. This step enabled him to fulfil his passion, product development for responsible tourism, even more consistently.
The Booking Queen
Whatever this Travel Executive is all about, she does it with incredible energy, paired with good humor. She started her career from scratch: right after tourism school, she joined the Hohe Tauern National Park to make a name for herself over the years as an energetic implementer, and expert in booking and quality management.
These were the best prerequisites for starting her own business with the Trail Angels. Since then, she has increased her know-how to an international level, whereby she manages to put every sustainable tourism product into the status “Ready for Booking” seemingly effortless. With persistence, consistency, and – we are pleased to repeat – her infectious good humor, also for project partners.
Nathalie Reichhold MAS
Booking & Quality Management, COO


Univ. Doz. Mag. Dr. Werner Mussnig
Change Management & Controlling, CFO


The Lord of the figures and more
You can tell by the academic titles: the business economist and enthusiastic climber initially pursued a scholarly career at university. He lectured at various universities, set up numerous courses and penned over a dozen specialist books. Nevertheless, he turned his back on academic pursuits, in order to translate his knowledge into practice from then on.
As a management consultant, board member, company founder and most recently a pioneer of sustainable economic models, he has dedicated himself to the development of wooden towers for wind power plants and to sustainable tourism. He co-founded the Trail Angels with his brother Günter and Nathalie Reichhold, where he has more than just an eye for the figures and contributes through his many years of strategic experience.
The IT Wizard
The computing expert actually wanted to stop programming in this life altogether. After a few exhausting years, he consciously left the hectic world of international finance behind him and ended up in the Mölltal valley via a detour in sports and event management – where he was on a roll with some of the biggest players in tennis and swimming.
Henceforth he lived with and from nature as a sheep farmer and mountain hiking guide. Admittedly, his expertise did not remain hidden for a long time and after two years with the National Park Region, he promptly joined Günter and Nathalie at the Trail Angels. Here, he not only runs the international funded projects with great calmness and sovereignty but has also rediscovered his love for programming. Bookyourtrail® and Trail Manager would not exist without Rudi.
DI Rudi Trinko MAS
Project Management & IT-Solutions


Bettina Posch
Travel Management Specialist


A Haven of Calm with Energy

Tourism and music are in her blood. Although Bettina is the youngest of the Trail Angels, she already has several years of experience in tourism. And she likes to devote her free time to her second great passion, music. Now Bettina actively strengthens our team in the Trail Info and Booking Center. A multifaceted challenge that she masters with calmness, consistency and a lot of energy.

The enduring fighter

Based in the high alpine heart of the Alpe-Adria-Trail, Selina combines her great passion for hiking and nature with her helpful and energetic nature in our booking center. In this way, she not only provides our guests with the best advice, but also puts the same smile on their faces that she has on her lips – whenever she is on tour in the local mountain landscape.

Not only the “Pferdewirt” has our all angel in Trail Angels Info & Booking Center, but also the training as a restaurant specialist, which provided her expertise and experience in the tourism industry. Besides hiking, which is her magic means to find inner peace, she gets her adrenaline kick from horseback riding and tennis. So Selina not only dances brilliantly from ball to ball on the sports field, but also between the requests of our hiking enthusiasts.

Selina Löschnig

Travel Management specialist


Julia Hofer

Travel Management Specialist


The nature lover

Being close to nature is in her genes. Growing up in the midst of the Carinthian mountains and lakes, our youngest angel in the Trail Angels team discovered her enthusiasm for simple and genuine beauty at an early age. Most of all, she loves to spend her free time walking in nature and letting her soul unwind.

The many, crystal-clear Carinthian lakes are also part of her leisure life, as are so many hikes to local huts, where our little epicure truly appreciates the home-style cooking, from classic Kaiserschmarrn to Carinthian Kasnudl. Driven by her interest in tourism, Julia decided to attend the HLW Spittal an der Drau, majoring in tourism, and successfully graduated. There she learned not only about today’s relevant topics and what today’s guests want, but also what makes them tick. She puts this expertise to use every day in our Trail Angels Info and Booking Center, bringing a grateful smile to the face of every one of our hiking guests.


The inquisitive globetrotter

Having already lived in several countries and corners of the world, our industrious booking angel at the Trail Angels Info and Booking Center was drawn to Carinthia. Not only because of love, but especially because of the unspoiled and diverse natural landscape, which she knows how to use every day. Jasmin has already had the chance to work in several industries. What shaped her and still gives her the most pleasure is the direct contact with people. 

Working with and for them is one of her professional passions. Can’t be done, doesn’t exist! With her dedicated nature, she realizes virtually every hiking dream of our Trail Angels trekkers and explorers, no matter how challenging they may seem at the beginning. Her unstoppable curiosity and her ambition to always think outside the box distinguish her and make her another excellent booking angel in our team.

Jasmin Noisternig-Maric

Travel Management Specialist


Sonja Thaler
Travel Management Specialist


The Good Fairy (on maternity leave)
A sprained foot, a misplaced piece of luggage, a missing signpost, dark clouds on the horizon or the special wish for the next dinner: There are hardly any requests that Sonja has not been able to deal with at the Trail Angels Info & Booking Center. Her ambitious approach to solving all these issues cannot be denied.
Regardless of whether its travellers, service partners or project partners – they all value Sonja’s competence and commitment in the Booking Center. Since 2017, Sonja has been contributing to the Trail Angels team, having previously proved her skills in the information, booking and service partner management at the Carinthian National Park Center and at Destination Millstätter See.
The Scout for all cases
Stefan is predestined for scouting vertical heights: As a state-certified Mountain and Ski Guide and extreme climber, he is most at home in the mountains. But the environmental systems scientist and devout vegetarian can really be placed anywhere. He already stood his ground in Trail Scouting in the plains of the Puszta, where, as we know, there are hardly even hills to be found.
Stefan has been with the Trail Angels since 2018, having previously worked for an eco-bureau and also as an independent Mountain Guide and alpine author. Tolerance and a love for details are the strengths of the native Bavarian, who, according to his profession, is in addition to trail scouting, always in demand when it comes to pure outdoor competence.
DI Stefan Lieb-Lind
Travel Scout & Mountain- & Skiguide (IVBV)


Lisa Pirkebner B.Sc. B.Sc.

Project Management


The multifaceted cheerful soul

After six long years in the metropolis of Carinthia, our new Trail Angels youngster moved back to her home in Upper Carinthia. There she loves to spend time with her family, friends, chickens and dog and also likes to travel the world. Her affection for her homeland, coupled with a university degree in business administration and law and a lot of ambition, motivation and passion for nature, make her the ideal Trail Angel.

The communicative Mountain Enthusiast

Steffi supports the management when she is not traveling the world or climbing the mountains with climbing rope, a bike or the ice axe. Not only because of her enthusiasm for travel and sports, she completed her studies in tourism and leisure business, but also because sustainable regional development is close to her heart. With her enthusiasm, motivation, passion for nature and her lightness she fits perfectly into our team. 

Stefanie Dolzer B.A.

Project & Communication Management


Beate Göritzer

Office Management


The omnipresent guardian angel

Beate is not only a family manager, honeycomb (wife of a beekeeper), educated banker/business economist and former landlady , but also supports since the beginning of 2022 with her helpful and positive nature especially the management of the Trail Angels. But even if it tweaks elsewhere, she is always immediately on the spot. Born in a big city in Germany, she visited the homebase of the Trail Angels for the first time when she was only 5 months old. In the following years she not only fell in love with the Mölltaler landscape and nature, but also with a local who persuaded her to move to the mountains. Why she fits perfectly into our team is quite clear: her willpower to go one step further, her passion for detail and the non-existent fear of challenges.

Magician with a polish performance guarantee

Shine in all corners, not everyone has that. But Simsalabim, and our Ulli has conjured up cleanliness in the office again. She can be relied on, she overlooks nothing, banishes dirt from our tables and always surprises us with her humor. We know that our Ulli is something very special. Most people underestimate that a magician, when she flits through the office, notices a lot about an office and appreciate her familiarity very much.

Ulrike Thorer

Cleaning person

Our cooperation partners

A strong roped team

Trail Angels are specialists in the development of sustainable tourism products and their sustainable management. Although our team is constantly growing, it makes sense for large, complex projects to involve proven partners in their implementation. In order to provide additional resources or to be able to cover very special tasks professionally. After all, our experience as mountaineers has taught us that if the path to the summit is difficult, the rope is unpacked and the route is mastered in a strong rope team.

Because together we are stronger!

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