Amazing Moments Scouting

17. Jun. 2022

Product development in the Amazon of Europe destination is in full swing. 2 weeks of Amazing Moments Scouting and endless impressions.

A side arm of the Danube, perfect for a dip into the water © Trail Angels

12 days, 5 countries, 3 rivers, 22 amazing moments and endless warmth and hospitality. After such an intense and impressive time, back at the homebase of the Trail Angels, it is time to reflect on my past work trip.

The goal of these two weeks was to scout extraordinary experiences in the areas of nature, culture and cuisine, in order to make the local specialties as tangible as possible for the future guests of this still so new travel destination – the Amazing Moments.

What are those Amazing Moments? The Amazing Moments are experiences along the bike route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trails, which are supposed to represent the region and its culture and are made tangible for the guest. Thereby an immersion into the soul of the region is to be made possible. In the focus is always also the direct encounter with the local population, which are involved as a guide, teacher or host. Whether as a master potter, dog handler in the truffle hunt or ranger in the Drava-Danube Nature Park. After all, it’s always the people who make the difference.

Throughout my scouting trip, I was always welcomed with open arms and true hospitality. Even despite language barriers here and there, I always had the feeling of being welcome and well taken care of.

Our task within this DTP project (link on project page) is the product development of further flagship products, which should increase the attractiveness and the offer of the travel destination Amazon of Europe. We try to bundle the potentials of the individual countries in the best way and to let the destination appear strong on the market. This is the product development of the Amazing Moments and the River Journey, which is a guided multi-day canoe tour along the most beautiful river sections of the region. Both will be offered as part of the official booking center starting in 2023.

Impressions of the experienced – Amazing Moments

On jungle safari in the Drava-Danube National Park with Ferngla, National Park Ranger and lots of adventure © Trail Angels

They are always your companions, even if sometimes they are not visible at all. The countless bird species of the Amazon of Europe destination simply explained by the bird expert on this bird watching tour © Trail Angels

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

Enjoy the cool water during the canoe trip, watch heron colonies and let yourself drift. In combination with subsequent fish stew preparation an authentic experience © Trail Angels

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

The black gold. First searching… © Trail Angels

…then tasting. The truffle hunt as a true Amazing Moment © Trail Angels

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

Art class with the professional. In the village of Naive Art you can gain insight into the traditional way of painting and prove your skills © Trail Angels

Another stop on my tour was at the home of Edith, our hungarian potter queen. With a lot of sensitivity and experience she led me into the creative world of pottery © Trail Angels

Edith’s showroom invites you to browse as well © Trail Angels


Steffi Dolzer

After successfully completing her studies in tourism and leisure management in Innsbruck and numerous stays abroad, the native East Tyrolean has returned to her homeland. Not only because of her attachment to her homeland, but much more because of her greatest passion, mountaineering and climbing in the Hohe Tauern. She brings her drive, motivation and enthusiasm for the mountains to our team.

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