Five reasons for a hiking trip on the Luchs Trail – long-distance hiking through Austria’s Wild Center

5. Mar. 2019

A lot has already been written about the new long-distance hiking trail in Austria, the Luchs Trail! We will give you five reasons why you should definitely take this hiking trail in Austria.

A Star is born: The new Luchs Trail through Austria’s wild middle knows how to inspire © ARGE Luchs Trail/Max Mauthner

If you take a closer look at the Luchs Trail badge, you will immediately see three key figures: “11 stages; 220 km; 12.000 meters of ascent”. Well, if you have even a clue about long distance hiking, for example in Austria, you know what that means: Walking the Luchs Trails is not as easy as taking a walk in the park! On the other hand, one should not be afraid of these numbers. Because if you have the necessary stamina (by the way, the best training program for the Luchs Trail consists of a few extensive day hikes beforehand), then one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Austria will be revealed to you. Are you still insecure? Then let these five reasons convince you:


1. Durch Through „Austria’s Wild Center“

The claim of the Luchs Trail says it all! Because in the middle of the geographical center of Austria, in the border triangle of Upper Austria, Styria and Lower Austria, a surprisingly pristine natural landscape stretches out, which can be called “wilderness” quite literally in some places. On existing paths, the Luchs Trail connects the internationally recognized protected areas of the Upper Austrian Kalkalpen National Park, the Gesäuse National Park and the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area. The fact that parts of this region have only recently been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site (for old beech forests and beech primeval forests) leaves us with no doubt: in Austria there is no “wilder” place than there! So it is not surprising that the lynx feels so comfortable there. We won’t tell you yet whether you will see the lynx while hiking. This will be the topic of an own blog post coming soon!

Panoramaweg Südalpen Sonnenuntergang

Autumn Deciduous Forests in the Limestone Alps National Park ©Stefan Leitner/TVB Gesäuse

2. Wild water and steep rocks

Admittedly: This is the claim of the Styrian Gesäuse, but it applies to the landscape along the entire Luchs Trail! That’s why we borrowed it here as a headline. David Osebik from TVB Gesäuse will forgive us! Often bizarrely shaped limestone peaks, from the Reichraminger Hintergebirge over the impressive Haller Mauern and the mentioned Gesäuse to Dürrenstein shape the horizon, while you hike along wildly frothing and thundering rivers like the Enns and the Salza in Austria.

Panoramaweg Südalpen Sonnenuntergang
Along the entire Lynx Trail, but not only in the Gesäuse (but of course especially impressive there): Wild water & Steep rock ©Andreas Hollinger

3. The discovery of slowness

Austria’s wild center is still a hidden jewel! In other words, it’s still a quiet and sincere place for long distance hiking in Austria, away from mass tourism. Adapt your rhythm to this pleasant slowness, plan a rest day in one or the other charming place and enjoy the authentic hospitality. You will soon be sure: I’ll come back for a long hike in Austria!
Panoramaweg Südalpen Sonnenuntergang
The magic of the Lynx Trail: on existing paths through wild nature to enchanted places ©Max Mautner/ARGE Luchs Trail

4. More service is not possible

For the Luchs Trail, a separate Trail Info & Booking Center has been set up. To combine your individual freedom with service, comfort and security. You will be surprised by the offers, because more service for individual hiking without luggage is not possible! Very important: The luggage transport will make the 12.000 meters of ascent much easier for you! When you arrive at the booked partner accommodation of your choice in the late afternoon, the heavy luggage is already waiting for you in your room, while you have hiked with the light daypack. Further mobility services, a practical trail hotline, various forms of catering and – already a “top seller” – the branded enamel cup as a welcome gift round off the service of the Trail Info & Booking Center. The Trail Landing page can be found here.

Panoramaweg Südalpen Sonnenuntergang
You hike with the light daypack and the rest is taken care of by the Luchs Trail Info and Booking Center ©Stefan Leitner/TVB Gesäuse
5. An attractive destination

Even though the guiding principle “The path is the goal” applies to every long-distance hiking trail, an attractive final destination at the end of the trail can never be a bad thing. The OEAV mountaineering village of Lunz am See with its three mountain lakes is more than equal to this attribute! And if the temperatures are right, the jump into the cool water of Lake Lunz will be a deserved reward for your efforts.

Panoramaweg Südalpen Sonnenuntergang

Grande Finale: The Obersee forms the prelude of the magnificent lake valley to the destination Lunz am See ©MOST-Media

We are sure: In view of these five unbeatable reasons for long-distance hiking through Austria’s Wild Middle, you too will not be able to resist the call of the wilderness on the Luchs Trail! And if you still have questions, just contact the official Luchs Trail Info and Booking Center!
Contact oder Tel.: +43 4782 93093


Günter Mussnig

The graduate geographer is one of the founders and managing directors of Trail Angels, which is responsible for the web platform As a trekking & outdoor freak, he is one of the fathers of the Alpe-Adria Trail and has been exploring the Nepalese Himalayas for more than 25 years.

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