New Trail! Panorama­weg Südalpen

25. Jan. 2021

During the last weeks the Trail Angels could successfully develop several trail projects to bookability. A particularly nice example is the Panoramaweg Südalpen.

Deserves its name quite rightly: the Panoramaweg Südalpen opens up grandiose views from the summit crest of the Karawanken and Saualpe mountains ©Panoramaweg Südalpen/Franz Gerdl

The Panoramaweg Südalpen goes back to a joint initiative of the tourism regions Carnica Region Rosental, Klopeiner See – Südkärnten and Lavanttal, which was then also joined by the Villach region. Thus, the Panorama Trail Southern Alps opens up a fascinating hike along the entire Karawanken ridge and the high ridge of the Saualpe on a total of 20 daily stages. Particularly attractive: Two stage locations are in Slovenia, which makes the Panorama Trail a cross-border hiking experience.

Panoramaweg Südalpen Sunset

Discover the sunny sides: The Panoramaweg Südalpen easily lives up to these promises of desire. Sunrise on the Mittagskogel in the Karawanken.


As partners a charming mix of alpine huts, picturesquely situated inns in often lonely locations and accommodations in idyllic villages could be won.

Günter Mussnig

Due to this route structure, the Panoramaweg Südalpen shows two fundamentally different faces: rugged and breathtakingly spectacular in the border mountains of the Karawanken and sublime and radiating tranquility on the giant but gentle ridge of the Saualpe. Because of its special characteristics alone, the Panoramaweg Südalpen presented the Trail Angels with special challenges in the development process, which were also reflected in minor route adaptations, for example. However, the result of the “bookable” Panoramaweg Südalpen is impressive: A charming mix of alpine huts, picturesquely situated guesthouses in often lonely locations and accommodations in idyllic villages could be added as partner accommodations. In addition, a comprehensive Mobility Service, consisting of Luggage Transport, Shuttle Services, Return Transfer and Train Station Shuttle could be implemented almost gaplessly (at all accessible stage locations).

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama on the high plateau

The second face of the Panoramaweg Südalpen: Gentle, high and sublime! The hike on the Saualpe is like a soothing balm for the soul.


Günter Mussnig

The geographer is one of the founders and managing directors of Trail Angels, who are responsible for the online platform As a trekking & outdoor freak, he is one of the fathers of the Alpe-Adria Trail and has been exploring the Nepalese Himalayas for more than 25 years.

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