Online Trail Info, Booking & Management system
One like no other!
BookYourTrail® is the world’s first and still the only Online Trail Information, Booking and Management System for linear products (long-distance hiking trails, stage bike trails, etc.) in the field of responsible tourism. It was developed by the Trail Angels and is constantly being improved based on our experience and expanded with additional functions.

BookYourTrail® consists in the front-end of a user-friendly information & booking system, connected in the back-end with a powerful management system, the Trail Manager


Worldwide unique Online Trail Info, Booking & Managementsystem


Front-End: Trail Info- & Booking System


Back-End: Trail Management System – Trail Manager


Multi-client capability

Quick Facts

This is what Bookyourtrail® can do
Front-End: Front-End: The Info- & Booking System

BookYourTrail® provides travellers with new possibilities for customised travel planning and booking of linear products (hiking & cycling tours, trekking tours etc.) of responsible tourism. The traveller can choose from three different points of sales when planning the trip:

+ Online planning and booking
+ Online planning and requesting
+ Dynamic Packaging

The advantages of the Info & Booking system
+ Two languages (DE, EN) fully integrated
+ All necessary information according to EU Package Travel Directive displayed
+ Travel product (e.g. long-distance hiking trail) is presented in a booking/request oriented way on its own landing page; thus it is an ideal supplement to the actual product website
+ Online Chat integrated for Customer Support
+ Login Area for returning clients
+ Flexible individualized Request and Booking functions (three points of sales
+ Almost unlimited choices in customized travel planning

    • WHEN: Arrival is possible on any day
    • WHERE: Starting point of the journey can be freely selected
    • HOW LONG: Duration of the trip can be freely chosen (from one day to the entire trail; rest days can be added and “hopping” stages is possible)
    • WITH WHOM: Starting from one person and upwards
    • HOW: Service and comfort can be selected freely, e.g. accommodation category; boarding (also with special requests); Mobility service such as Shuttle Services or Luggage Service; special requests such as guiding, hiking with dog etc.

Best of the Best

Out of the many great tourism products that we have developed and managed together with our project partners so far, some still stand out! That is why we have set up a special hall of fame for these beacons of responsible tourism.
Also as an inspiration for all those who want to follow this path in the future!

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