The back office Trail Management System

The core unit

The Trail Manager is a powerful, as well as databased back office trail management system for efficient and effective management of responsible line products such as long distance hiking trails or long distance biking trails.

The Trail Manager is the back office component of our unique trail management system and opens up Trail Angels Info & Booking Center previously unparalleled possibilities for service-oriented and professional inquiry and booking management. This includes a wide variety of service functions for travelers along a defined customer journey as well as management and logistics functions for the regional service partners, i.e. accommodations and mobility service providers.


The Trail Manager was developed by us, the Trail Angels, and is continuously improved, based on our experience as a specialty tour operator and operator of a leading trail info and booking center.

The Trail Manager is now successfully applied to more than 30 line products in the field of responsible tourism. And the number is increasing every year!




Professional Request & Booking Management


Efficient Service Partner Management


Many additional functions (e.g. DYNAMIC PACKAGING, mobility lists, journey follow up, etc.)

Quick Facts

This is what the Trail Manager can do

Das Back Office Trail Management System

The Back office Trail Management System


The Trail Manager is a powerful tool for organizations that want to manage line products such as long-distance trails efficiently and sustainably. Trail Manager allows destinations that manage for example, line products to have a unique tool for overall trail management.

The advantages of the Trail Manager

+ Application-oriented and scalable request and booking management along the customer journey with follow up functions
+ Efficient service provider management; e.g. with availability management and check-in reminder before arrival
+Fully integrated functions for versatile mobility services & logistics
+ Management of vouchers, packages and tickets and integration into the tour planner for offer creation
+ Dynamic packaging for the presentation and booking of top offers via Bookyourtrail
+ Standardized reporting incl. statistical evaluations of the management model
+ Client capability and rights and role system for individual adaptation to the respective trail info & booking center


The heart of our tools is our integrated Trail Management System (TMS). It represents the world’s first and in this form unique digital overall solution for efficient and effective management of line products in responsible tourism, such as long-distance hiking trails and long-distance biking trails.

Part of the TMS are two more components:

+ The online trail info & booking portal Bookyourtrail® opens up to now unparalleled possibilities for travelers in the individual travel planning and booking of hiking, biking and other nature-friendly outdoor activities.

+ The Trail Management Mandant empowers trail partners such as DMC’s or NGO’s to set up their own trail info & booking center and thus for the independent, effective management of their sustainable products.

However, responsible trail management requires more than intelligent software solutions! Because practice teaches us that the efficient and effective handling of the TMS must be complemented by the professional skills of a powerful inquiry and booking management. For this purpose, we also operate our powerful Trail Angels Info & Booking Center, which has received excellent ratings from travelers (Trustpilot). In addition, we empower our trail partners with an application-oriented “training on the job” program to set up and independently operate their own trail info & booking centers. For this important task, we have established our Trail Angels Academy .

Our tools for responsible tourism: Created and powered by Trail Angels!


Other tools

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