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We are proud of our model for responsible tourism – The Way Beyond. But how can you use the most innovative model if you don’t have the right tools to implement it? Since we are intentionally breaking new ground for the future development of responsible tourism, we have also developed a whole bundle of tools for this purpose. And as implementation giants for responsible tourism, we apply them consistently and successfully for design, market and manage. Because the only source of knowledge is experience (Albert Einstein).

Trail Management System (TMS)
The heart of our tools is our integrated Trail Management System (TMS). It represents the world’s first and in this form unique digital total solution for efficient and effective management of line products in responsible tourism, such as long-distance hiking trails and long-distance cycling routes.

The TMS is composed of three components:

+   TheTrail Manager as a powerful as well as database-based back office system, supports the inquiry and booking management in the trail info & booking centers.

+   The online trail info & booking portal Bookyourtrail® opens up unprecedented opportunities for travelers in individual trip planning and booking of hiking, biking and other nature-friendly outdoor activities.

+   The Trail Management Mandant empowers trail partners such as DMC’s or NGO’s to set up their own trail info & booking center and therefore, to manage their sustainable products independently and effectively.

However, truly responsible trail management requires more than intelligent software solutions! Practice taught us that the efficient and effective handling of the TMS must be complemented by the professional skills of a powerful inquiry and booking management. For this purpose, we also operate our powerful Trail Angels info & booking centerwhich has received excellent ratings from travelers (Trustpilot). In addition, we empower our trail partners with an application-oriented “training on the job” program to set up and independently operate their own trail info & booking centers. For this important task, we have established our Trail Angels Academy.

Our tools for responsible tourism: Created and powered by Trail Angels!


Created & powered by Trail Angels

Our tools

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